Monday, 15 July 2013

SLUDGE Obituary

‘Sup w**kstains, what’s good?

So I finally get to leave the s**thouse that is school and in turn, give up my place on this blog. A blog in which I hope will continue until it is not needed. The dark knight until the white knight of our school shows his or her face to us. This is my last post.

As much as I know that is a f**king disgrace of a school; I will miss the teachers & staff that were actually good at their jobs. It has always been easy to blame teachers for everything that is wrong with the education system, but the general population is lead to believe that the fault lies with management. It has never been, and never will be, the fault of teachers. Fault always lies with management. Whether it is SLT or the government, they are the layabouts that have allowed students going through comprehensive education to not reach their full potential. Juking the stats and playing the school league tables in order to increase their paycheck and to further their ridiculous and shameful careers. Side note: F**K THE FUTURE LEADERS AND TEACHERS FIRST PROGRAMMES. 

 They are the reason why the many natural and genuinely good teachers leave. I have heard, and confirmed, many rumors stating that the majority of teachers who have left and are leaving do have distaste and hate towards the head and his management team. The teachers that go unheard and ignored because their ideas are what’s right. I value and respect the profession of teachers, but even more so for the ones that turn up at our school and other comprehensive state schools nationwide. It saddens me that many teachers, which are deemed to be the best by the majority of students, are leaving this year. 

So f**k you school management, f**k you.
F**k you, for not helping with any extracurricular activities besides your f**king dreary cultural events;
for the pointless media appearances;
for not carrying out arts week as promised;
for the lack of enthusiasm you put into listening to students' concerns;
for allowing the school to continue with its bulls**t PSHE;
for wasting teachers' time with petty rules that help to serve no one but the f**king stats;
for not accommodating debate society when we need a space for us to have debates;
for the f**king iBehave bulls**t, treating us like f**king dogs;
for the obsessiveness and money you put into producing photos and banners that nobody actually likes;
for the amount of bulls**t you spew out about the school is in the top ten percent nationally, when really its for most improved;
for not listening to teachers who actually want to do their job;
and finally, f**k you for forgetting what the school really was about when I joined back in 2006.

Management are too f**king busy trying to improve the stats so that the school gets more money from the government, that they are overlooking the fact that they already have what they need. Good teachers and enthusiastic students. But they're too busy worrying about the fact that the school is located in a relatively "deprived area" and that we are a comprehensive state school. Too busy for students to achieve five GCSE passes, like five GCSEs are going to get you anywhere in life and is an achievement worthy of advertising. 

And there is the bigger picture left to look at. Michael Gove and the previous mindless c**ts that have held the role of education secretary have made comprehensive state schools into factories for young people. We are not educated, we are inculcated and cultivated to be a society of vacuous consumers. With tuition loans being a thirty-year education tax, we are slaves to the dime. But enough of this stupid and worthless rant, onto the less nasty stuff. Well, not as nasty and vile anyway.
Graduating like a motherf**ker
My name is Kinnan Zaloom. I started and founded this blog after being so disenfranchised by the school council and being ignored too many f**king times by deputy and assistant heads. Yes, I am a student, yet that doesn’t mean I should respect every c**tish rule and idea thought up by the school. This is not done in the idea of some feeble rebellion; it is done because no one is standing for students. Even young adults, who are, such as school councilors and young MPs, are given the smallest amount of responsibility.

This past year, I have become more and more enchanted by the ideology of anarchism and individualism. Again, not because of some stupid motivation from current trends of rebellion or antiestablishmentarianism. But because of the inherent risk of a corrupt government/rule, whether it be a socialist or conservative one. Because the people who want power are the ones who least deserve it, and because there is no such thing as a selfless deed. I am not hailing anarchism as the only way of life, just pointing out that any type of government has the risk of being corrupt and vile.

I do hope that students come to realize that together they can get what they want from school. Because at the end of the day, it’s your school and you should tear up s**t when you're ignored and treated as if you're a f**king dog jumping through the hoop for treats. If there is one piece of advice I can give you, go join the debate society and learn how to argue your case to every c**t that will hear it even if you were Hitler on heroin arguing for the demise of all that is cute and cuddly.

So long, fellow d**khead students. I truly will not miss you. I will probably never communicate with you in the future. We will never have mutual experience again. Why are you even bothering to read the end of this article? There is no touching memory here. I will only leave you with the wise words of Patrick Bateman from the book American Psycho:
"I have to return some videotapes"