Wednesday, 11 December 2013

LEAKED Draft Hampstead Rights Respecting Charter

Reporters for the trash have 'acquired' a Draft Rights Respecting Charter from 2011, regarding the agreement of the school to adhere to the rights of a child, a convention that means as much to the management as a nuclear amnesty does to Iran. Neatly formatted into bitesize chunks of information, the table seems to have far more points for students than staff, implying that somehow we are the ones that should be respecting our rights more than Kim Jong Uno and his cohort. Points include:

  • Value resources and equipment. We must admit that we do not, as a student collective, all respect equipment (see Practice Room Ransacked), and we can attribute most of the student wreckages to Year 7's coked-up on double chocolate cookies, but it would be nice if actually had the opportunity to have some proper equipment, and it not to be run-down and battered.
  • Allow students to express individuality and celebrate their success. This was in the 'Staff' column. Evidently the Serious Libel Treaty don't think this applies to them, as if they are somehow exempt; in international waters. The SLT have never allowed individuality, whether it be through their wear or their beliefs (unless said wears and beliefs conform with those of the SLT), and I doubt they celebrate success unless it is to mop up glory on students' behalf. If they really allowed students to express individuality and celebrate success, this years' banners would read: "Hampstead: Home of Anarchists and Proud" and "10,000 hits Three Days Running".
  • Show understanding of the use of appropriate language at all times and discourage inappropriate language and behaviour. P**s off. It's a comprehensive.
  • Take responsibility for your own progress and explore your personal talents. Because of this, I have explored my naval, and I have found I am very talented at picking the fluff out of it.
  • Create opportunities for every student to fully access the curriculum, participate and reach their full potential. I assume, then, that expelling a student doesn't count, and contacting their desired university is allowing them to 'reach their full potential'. They even put 'every' in bold, so they don't forget.
The list goes on, like a cut-and-stick history activity, and of course you can view that document here, or through Szemelileaks. If you feel like your rights aren't being respected, don't bother telling the SLT. They don't care. They don't care about every student.

DISCLAIMER: This Hampstead Trash article has been written to critique the actions of the governing bodies of the school. This is so student readers can hear both sides of the argument, and formulate their own opinions on matters pertaining to their education.

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