Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Favouritism in the SLT

Getty Reuters has snapped another shot for us this week, showing the kind of favouritism that runs rife throughout the corrupt establishment that is the Management.

In the image, entitled: 'SLT - Sad, Lonely, but Tolerant' a famed SLT is seen being left out in the rain by Szomewhereovertherainbowkowski and his boy toy, whilst they shelter under their neatly coloured red and white ego.

Also being dubbed as 'Sad SLT is Sad', appeals have been made to the Head to review the Human Rights Act, as sodden staff tend not to work as well, although there is a rumour going around that leaving them in a bag of rice overnight tends to solve the problem.

If you catch any snaps of SLT looking sad, lonely, upset or generally under the weather (literally in this case), please send them in to us at thehampsteadtrash@gmail.com, or direct message us on Facebook or Twitter.

Below is 'SLT - Sad, Lonely, but Tolerant'...

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