Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Talking Trash - Camden Council come out in Force

Today inhabitants of East Quad had to bear witness to a Camden van, with 'yute' worker explaining to weary passers by that it was bad to litter. At break and lunch there were sights of a giant dancing crisp packet and, after our hallucinogens had worn off, we wrote this article.

The visit was accompanied with remarks such as "Filth!" And "Dirty!", and after they had finished talking about the SLT, they continued to hand out leaflets about littering, most of which ended up on the floor (the irony). When the Q&A session opened up, many questions were thrown up, such as "If we don't litter, then how will the caretakers keep their jobs?" and "What if the rats get hungry? They could die!". Their questions were met with a silence of disdain and their bodies were safely disposed of by the 'Safety Officers' (rolled up in carpet and dumped in the pond with all the other Year 7's).

We here think it's great to see people talking trash, but for those who missed it, below is a photo of the rubbish van and the Giant Crisp Packet of Vengeance (other names include Death Walkers and The Lord of the Hula Hoop).

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