Tuesday, 27 May 2014


By now, you may have seen the infantile scrawlings adorning the backs of doors in the Largely-held-together with-gum-and-asbestos 'New' Block. These take the form of "rage comics" a previously popular internet phenomena featuring the usage of grammar even Da Englizzle Duhpattment would be ashamed of, and rehashed examples of A* Modern Art. Originally laden with a plethora of profanities so large that it would bring a lone tear to the eye of our saviour, SLUDGE, the Trash find it odd for the school to be supporting such a culture, for which an entire "face" is devoted to exclaiming the f-word in futile rage at a situation, given Mr. Jacques "Top Lel" Szociallyawkwardpenguinkowski vehement opposition to "fruity language".

Hed Pruod of bestest grammars in poster

In response to this new-found art movement, we have made some versions better conveying the school and it's inhabitants, using well-loved/overused (delete as appropriate) templates:

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