Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Court Jesters - Clowns Spotted At Festival

As those who live locally to one half of the school (EaSt QuAd RePrEsEnT) will know, the Jester Festival occurred last weekend (the 5th & 6th of July). As ever, there was a stall representing the school, however something not seen for a while, probably because most people would prefer to stay at home, there was a star turnout.

Both Mr. Szundaybloodyszundaykowski and his right-hand man and fellow umbrella holder, known as The Gaffer, were in attendance, enjoying ice creams from NIMBY transport obsessives, tension between stalls for the 3 main political parties arranged awkwardly closely, and the Children's airplane rides close by. 

Harking back to the days of videos of Cookie Cartel members being weeded out, this writer, with the aidance of Julie La Sange, attempted to photograph the stall. However, with Heywood losing his Double Chocolate-y Midas Touch, these photographs turned out the worst produced thing since the school's poster they were attempting to photograph. 

As you can see below, they are horrific. Sadly, Julie La Sange's backup technique of long range lenses were thwarted by her leaving the lens behind after her latest secret photo of a royal's erotic zones. 

Just visible on the poster is an unknown science student
cooking meth, inspired by that character of that show that
looks like the old Head of P.E

The poster in this photo has been 'enhanced' by our
photography by being blurry as hell.
It was reported that two of the 17 million leaflets were taken from the
Hampstead stall, one by accident, the person under the impression that there
was some special offer on it, the other needing something to wipe dog poo
off their shoes.

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