Wednesday, 27 August 2014

LEAKED Exam Questions 2014

We've managed to catch a glimpse at some of the questions that featured in this year's exams, and soon to feature in next year's mocks. *SPOILER ALERT*

"Katie is 16, at least she said she was. How much trouble are you in?"

"Abdi wants to record the colour, frequency and model of cars that pass down his road in a two hour period, but doesn't know what type of chart to use. How much of a life does Abdi have?"

"If today is the 28th, and Amy met John on the 13th and Tim on the 17th, who's the daddy?"

"What is amnesia? ... What is amnesia?"

"Using Darwin's Theory of Evolution, explain Michael Gove."

"By 2050 the population of the Earth will have increased by over 20%. How much of this is due to the Hampstead School Bikesheds? Give your answer to the nearest million."

"If E^iπ = 1/sinx in terms of n, when are you ever going to use this in real life?"

"According to the holy texts of the Flying Spaghetti Monster (Bolognese Unto Him), which prophet recited the hymns of Parmesan?"

"There are six white lines of equal length. How long will Abdi be in the boys' toilet?"

"What is amnesia? ... What is amnesia?"

"Jane is to be married on the 2nd to Charlotte. a) How angry is god?  b) How much flooding will occur because of this? "

"If Abdi has to walk 15 miles every day to fetch clean water, how much closer to the clean water should they move the village?"

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