Thursday, 11 September 2014

Colder than the Minister for Education's Heart

Recently, in an effort to raise money and awareness for various charities/thinly veiled publicity stunt, members of the SLooT,  have performed 'The Ice Bucket Challenge, wherein they pour a bucket of ice water over their head and nominate more people to carry out the circlejerk task, meaning that currently most of the staff of the school have been doused in ice water, becoming even colder than usual.

Different departments have taken it into their own hands to decide which charities to donate to and which methods to use in said act.

The Ingerlisch Dehpatehmon opted to donate their money to the charity "Don't Spoil the Endz", which donates books to the deprived children of South London Endz, who use the donations as feeble kindling during the coming winter months. They also nominated Zadie Smith and Tobias Hill, simply stating "You can never escape our wrath".

The Science Department took the more traditional approach and donated their money to MND and ALS charities, after ensuring their "challenge" was a fair test by maintaining that their water was at 0°C and was safely tipped off of a clamp stand by a year seven. Taking the charitable message perhaps a little too far, they have nominated Steven Hawking.

The Maths Department have been more hypothetical than practical, as ever, and have released their video in the form of a word problem. "If ten people nominate me, how long will it take me to decide it's all farce anyway and go back to bed?".

As always the BLT stole the show with their video, in which both the Head and his ego chant the UN Charter of the Rights of the Child while having ice water poured over their head(s?). The Head has nominated Michael Gove, and whoever is responsible for the Head's numerous TV appearances.

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