Friday, 26 September 2014

School Council Elections and the Annual Empty Promises

School Council Elections come round again this year, and so the speeches and promises of students shall ring clear across the hall as their peers look on from the floor of the hall. They will gasp in amazement, as eloquent speeches ring true like bells through the asbestos filled air of the ‘New' Block. Time will stop and has stopped during the really small hour of registration as all gather to listen to what the leaders of the future try and persuade you they are the right candidate for the Bin Selection Committee School Council. Ideas so possible that all that heard them would kick themselves for not realising how easy it would have been to implement ideas and make the school as amazing as they had always, ideas so original that even Thomas Edison himself would question how original he is, ideas so unheard of that a mere mortals imagination cannot grasp. Here we have some of them:

"Get this, a fountain made of Fanta. A FANTA FOUNTAIN" shouted one candidate to the cheering crowds.

"I have had a dream, and within that dream I had a vision, and within that vision I had a realisation, and within that realization I had a moment of clarity, and within that moment of clarity I thought of something I could change if I became a school councillor. Not having to wear blazers. Now that is something that no one has thought of before." proclaimed another candidate.

‘Water slides! Water slides everywhere!’ vowed the candidate.


"A better and more equal system for students to actually make a change on the schools management and not just tiny matters like bins," one chanted until members of the shadowy H.A.B.Z. removed him from the stage.

"A complete upheaval of the toilets and the way they are maintained," suggested one, as have no other students in any school council election ever. (This is a rough translation as the actual speech amounts to a large quantity of swearing, bruv-tings, innits and some quoted rap.)  

So, as if this blog wasn't enough to help the course of student voice in Hampstead, we are sure that this year's councillors will really tackle the big problems of the school.

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