Sunday, 28 December 2014

"Could the Person who Spilled the Beans Please Come to the Checkout Please."

We received the following comment on our article "Talking Heads - You'll get the joke..." about the Head professing he used to be a punk, and how his past was not all he would think it to be:
"I was at school with Szemalikowski throughout the 1970s and i can confirm he was very much a narcissistic psychological bully with control issues even then. One thing I do have to take issue with is his somewhat spurious assertion that he was a punk hanging out at the Roxy and the Marquee in 1976, when it in fact took him far longer than his contemporaries to catch on to what was happening. When he finally did, Jacques was a highly vocal (some might say deeply bloody irritating) champion of the Boomtown Rats, Sham 69 and the TRB- whom everyone knows were... well, completely s***. No, Szemalikowski was actually still in cheesecloth and flares, wearing his hair long, reeking of patchouli oil, carrying around Yes album art and championing legalisation of cannabis before he finally woke up to the fact that Curved Air and Jethro Tull weren't the future. His punk epiphany came around July 1977, a full year after punk had had its first flowering . I distinctly recall JS attempting to trick me into selling him my first pressing EMI copy of 'Anarchy in the UK' and the Buzzcocks Spiral Scratch EP for a couple of quid shortly before we both left St Jospph's in 1978 when these records were already worth considerably more. More ironic when I remember he had ridiculed me mercilessly for buying these records when first released. Your blog just feels like the most amazing karma to me. Thank you. The guy was- and is- a complete Tool. Please keep up the excellent work. :-)"
Not only is this brilliantly hilarious, and has dropped the Head right in it, but shows that the Head was a self-observed liar for more than one section of his life; its not just us.

This comment, however, was submitted anonymously, which means we cannot contact whoever left it was written by, which we would very much like to do. If you were the one who left this comment, please contact us by email at or through our Facebook or Twitter pages. We would love to hear more, as well as answering some burning questions we have had over the years.

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