Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Spot the Difference?

We wonder how long it took the Head to notice that, whilst red and black are school colours, yellow certainly isn't.
It does look a bit... lego.

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  1. You can only hope it works better on the inside than it looks on the outside.
    Why were no parents informed of the design . It will be our children affected by the building work for months ,if not years .We may not live next to the schools ,but we are the users of the school buildings .The school is always emailing or texting on many issues , how hard would it have been to show us this eye sore before we got to see it in a local paper. Once again the school telling us what it thinks we need to know , which in this case nothing , rather than what we actually need to know . Im still not sure if this design has been approved or is this again Camden dumping what it think 'the kids 'want on the school , or is it up for debate .In fact , have any of the students been involved in the design process ?