Thursday, 21 May 2015


How much does the school care about student health? This photo was taken in part of the Ingrish Block, showing the remnants of the Soviet-era Hampstead of the 60's, as well as, perhaps, a possible overlooking in Health and Safety.

Whilst having an entire policy devoted to
uniform, the school has no published
policy on Health and Safety or the school
environment. Wonder why...

It's reassuring to know you are just one Year-7-sticking-a-pin-in-a-wall away from getting cancer. We assume that this will be removed in the renovation of the school in the coming year, however there are suspicions that the demolition of the New Block may lead to a giant cloud of pure cancer, which will be the cause of the entire nation contracting ebola-of-the-lungs. We'll see if Sky News are so quick to get cameras down here then...

DISCLAIMER: Any halfwit who thought that last sentence was genuine is wrong, and needs to be checked out.

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