Thursday, 7 May 2015

Our Chat with Green Candidate: Rebecca Johnson

Unfortunately, as it was too close to the election, we could not find the time to get an interview with Rebecca Johnson, our local Green candidate. Ms Johnson not only has the election to worry about, but is one of the policy makers for the Green party, as well as being the Vice-President of CND and an international security consultant with the UN. However, she did have the time to give us this statement about Education, Hampstead and the Trash:
"I think it is great when students get together for creative and challenging projects, from publications to theatre. I hope that Hampstead Trash develops into a genuine opportunity for honing witty insightful writing. I don't want to comment on any of the specific or personal questions you've raised, but wish you well in your endeavours to exercise responsible freedom of speech and write about school and current affairs with wit and skill - as long as you avoid the kind of false satire that targets individuals in ways that harm or undermine them."
If you are a first-time student voter, we urge you to vote today, so that you are the ones that help shape the democratic system of this nation. If what Tulip, or Maajid, or Magnus or Rebecca have said in our interviews has made you want to vote for them, then go for it. 

We could only find time to interview the candidates whose constituency Hampstead School would come under, and not the many other candidates' constituencies that students live in. However, hopefully, these interviews will give you an idea of what the parties are all like, and what they stand for.

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