Monday, 11 May 2015

So Much for Democracy

You could almost see it coming, like a fist on a collision course with a Top Gear producer. Not only would the election for the "Hampstead School constituency" surmount to nothing, as it has and will, as the election leads to no appointment of public position within the school (see our last article on the subject), but the school isn't even capable of following through on their own squalid plan.

Whilst, since Thursday's vote was cast, there were nationally 46 million votes cast and counted, and within two days a government had been elected and formed (albeit a Tory one which includes SeƱor Gove in charge of the Criminal Justice System, and Nicky Morgan still Education Secretary), the school has not been able to collect, quantify and announce the results of 1,200 students. In fact, there is an estimated eight forms that still have not had their ballots collected and counted.

As we have said before, if the school are going to do something, do it properly, not in this constant half-arsed way, doing the minimum work needed to be able to say that they had done something to make them look good.

Despite this lack of actual results, early indications show that the prize - oh, wait, there is no prize - the winner would be the Labour or UKIP candidate.

Secondly, the school as a whole did nothing in relation to the actual election. No meet and greets with the local Party Parliamentary Candidates, which numerous other schools did (with tonnes of photos covered the local media, so I'd bet the Head is gutted). Indeed, the Trash had interviews with 4/5 of the major parties' candidates. The small blog nobody read until the Head gave us the perfect publicity stunt, is now educating the students in Politics better than the actual school. Lol.

Anyway, in relation to that point, we did this mock-up of an infamous front page of a newspaper run by our Murdoch News Corp overlords. Enjoy:
DISCLAIMER: It's not political bias, it's just banter

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