Monday, 29 June 2015

School Gives Away Free Phones!

The Trash has received reports today that many students have caught after school in a scram in the Reception to retrieve their various confiscated phones. More cunning students will know that, if they are in need of an upgrade, this is a perfect opportunity to get their hands on Argos' finest. However, because of the sheer amount of students collecting their phones, hoodies and other articles, the receptionist was overwhelmed, incapable of doing whatever it is that they are actually employed for (as it transpired, opening the doors, which, when they couldn't, created a two-way blockage), and SLT on one occasion had to separate out the herds of ill-doers.

This poses a few issues. Firstly, why were there recently so many students collecting phones and hoodies? It's not as if everyone decided to get phones en masse, and wearing a jacket has suddenly come into fashion. As we have said many times before, the school's rigid, frankly-bizarre-in-places, uniform policy, and how it is implemented and upheld takes president over education in the minds of the management is entirely deplorable. It goes to show how little the SLT have to do, and how much time they have to do it in if they have the ability to stand around all lunchtime picking kids up on their dress. The surge in students having their clothes nicked is not because wrongdoing is on the rise; the management just have more time on their hands now it's the summer.

It may be that the summer is also culpable for the rise in phone-jacking by members of staff. The rationale behind the school's no-phones policy is so that students aren't distracted in class. However, the majority of these phones seemed to be pilfered by members of the SLT at lunchtime, when they were out in the open because it was sunny, not in the classroom distracting anyone. This needless enforcement of a rule tends towards the ridiculous, and makes the management look nothing more than vindictive jobsworths (and where have we heard that before!).

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  1. This school had turned into some kind of pussy institution. Most of the teachers are either druggies, hippies or sad old bastards that haven't got any family.
    The students are either from poor families that live in temporary accommodation or from families that give a monkeys about their kids No teacher respect, no family value.
    Gone are the days where Hampstead used to be a place to learn and a place where blues can be measured.