Friday, 18 September 2015

Original British Drama Block: Great British Baked-Off

In another obvious piss-take of Auntie's current 'initiative' to gently persuade everyone that they are producing a whole heap of drama by writing 'Drama' on 99.9% of programs, we attempt to sell a flagship format from the broadcasters to a slightly more... Hampsteadonian viewership:

In a secluded bikeshed tent hidden behind the Ingrish Block, 12 contestants compete in three challenges: the signature, in which each candidate is given 420 hours to breed a new strain of weed, the technical, with contestants given 2 hours to bake the best hash brownies, and the showstopper, wherein contestants have to see how baked they can get, all aided by presenters Mabdi & Sabdi and judges Mary Jane and Paul 'Blunt' Hollywood.

The shows usually pulls in average viewing figures of 13m, however, this dips half way through when everyone gets the munchies and goes out to buy pizza.

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