Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Update from the Replacement Block Service

With the term started and the work on the New Building well underway, the school has well and truly been turned from a place of learning, despite the claims of Camden council and the school's Management, and instead into a building site dependent almost entirely on the contractors over students and teachers. For those who don't know, the first week back saw no power in the 'New' Block, no phone lines, Sims or email, and a few weeks back a power down of the whole school, meaning any timetabled Period 6 lessons were disbanded.

As such, the school site is a much looser affair (hehe) than before, and than the Head would like; after all, if he can't control it, it must be wrong. Workmen come and go as freely as they please, and have even installed their own showers, encroaching even further on that tiny streak of land which is what is left of the outdoor free space. Said workmen are providing the school with a plethora of good role models, as we have had reports of workers smoking on the school site (which is, of course, not allowed for students), even reports of certain workers smoking something slightly danker than just tobacco by the smell (which must be very safe), and one truck in frequent use in and around the school having a stenciled image of a less-than-clothed lady on one window, which must be very distracting for kids trying to learn. How must parents think of the people in close proximity to their children, and how well are the workers vetted?

DISCLAIMER: Everything reported in this is based on separate eye-witness accounts. We honestly couldn't care what people do in school, as there will always be students who have done worse, but some parents do care, which is fair enough.

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