Monday, 23 November 2015

Uniform to Uniform

Only a few weeks in and the new school police officer has already been roped into the unrelenting work of the SLT, enforcing the ever-stricter uniform rules. There have been sightings across school over the past week or so of the new plod rather aggressively willing students to, most often, put on their blazers, as well as confiscating outdoor jackets (which some will note are necessary for the current winter weather) and even threatening 6th formers about showing earphones before school.

Regardless of the objections we, and the majority of students, have about the stringent uniform rules, as a Safer Schools Officer, the in-school plod is not supposed to get involved in the running of the school, and is certainly not there to enforce the Management's will in their capacity as a police officer. Nowhere in the Safer Schools Partnership Guidance (published by the government) does it say that officers are to enforce the school rules; they have a separate set of aims to fulfil within the wider school community. In fact, the guidance for officers says that they should instead foster "more positive relations between young people and the police", which is hard to do when you are barking at them.

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