Wednesday, 4 May 2016

The Night Management

The school was awash with excitement today as students tried to grab a peek at the handsome and dashing Tom Hiddleston (you know, that guy from Sherlock).

The Son of Asgard was visiting the school with UNICEF to do meet and greet with a select few students to talk about educating refugees and children in deprived areas (no wonder they came to Hampstead). Also spotted as being in attendance was Minister for International Development Justine Greening MP, which is funny since she is part of a cabinet that just today was pressured into taking more lone children refugees by chairman of Kindertransport-Association of Jewish Refugees, who said it was “incumbent on us to provide sanctuary to those in need”, as well as other ministers at PMQs. This comes as a U-turn for the government, who had until this afternoon said they did not want to create an ‘incentive’.

Greening herself isn’t exactly a friend to underprivileged children; she voted for the recent bill to convert all schools to academies regardless of the benefits, against requiring consultation of parents before converting a school to an academy and voted to scrap support grants for university students. In fact, since 2010, she has only rebelled against the Tory whip eight times.

Hiddleston then did a piece to camera, although sources told the Trash that this had to be redone when the unmistakable loud flapping of lips interrupted the star as the Head walked into the room, speaking and laughing noisily. The students in the room were, naturally, silent.

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