Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Original British Drama Block: Top Gear

A show about the best cookies, doughnuts and narcotics money can buy, all from your friendly neighbourhood cartel.

Presenters Abdi Clarkson, Abdi Hammoud and Abdi May are given a series of silly challenges to do by the Producers. Such wild japes include playing really slow knock-down ginger during lesson time (like the Management do), ring-binder bobsled and drag-race drug runs to Redpitch on mopeds.

Also in the show, other regular spots include ‘Teacher in a Reasonably Priced Car’, ‘The Scool Wall’ and The [heavily redacted] News’.

[This show has been cancelled as Abdi Clarkson punched a dinnerlady for not being able to provide him with a hot meal, and was then suspended for not wearing a tie.]

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