Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Wavey Wednesday Cartoon #6

Recently found amongst old computers and Doritos packets in the old new building, were some legacy Trident Missiles.

This is a metaphor. Yes, recently the public have been made aware of the July Trident missile testings and yes, this is a way to capitalise on that, but this is also a metaphor. I don't know how's it a metaphor, but it just is.

How can one man, a man that barely resembles a man and more an anthropomorphised skunk, be so unwary of his actions? How can one man claim other people's successes as his own? In the school council bulletin near the dining hall the recent addition of halal meat was hailed as a valid reason for the school council's continued existence (what about all the bins they've plotted all around the place? - Ed) and how the Head listens to other people's ideas, despite being in opposition to the halal debate for literally years, nearly a decade. His constant ego-gratifying also doesn't help. It's annoying, harms the progress of the school, and with his constant gratifying the resulting gratification is hard to come out of blazers and eyes. He constantly totes statistics on how the school is doing amazingly well, despite largely being an inhibitor of the school's progress. It's just strange.

Love and all things holy, Jack "Let us sign this document of independence and become a federalist government, and not a puppet proxy of the darn British monarchy" Gough

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