Why we are here:
In February 2013, the author formally known as SLUDGE devised a Blog, to satirise the school, in the same way Private Eye satirises Parliament, the press, and anyone who misuses influence. It was also founded to act much like a student newspaper for the school, by reporting, commenting and criticising the wrongdoings, flaws and misgivings of the school and, more specifically, those who manage it.

This blog was established to give Hampstead Students a voice that they lack in the School Council, as well as allow students to formulate their own opinions on matters pertaining to their education. The Trash has published a wide range of opinions from students, parents and others over the years, and in doing so has brought to light some of the many issues with the school and how it is governed.

In the time this blog has been running and producing articles, there have been great upheavals in the school and in the wider education system, and we have striven to inform, entertain and convey opinions on all that affects students' education. But, most importantly, we have tried to make our readers laugh.

The blog now stands at over five years old, and in that time we have not only produced articles that criticise the school, but have published interviews with political figures, news about the education system and exposés on some of the distinguished actions the school has undertaken.

What we do:
Each writer for the blog has their own page listing all the articles they have produced, which can be found in the Current Writers' Articles page, or the Ex-Writers' Articles page for those writers that have 'deceased'. Editorial articles can be found through the page of the same name, or alternately you can search by month using the archive in the sidebar.

The 'Szmelileaks' tab gives readers links to documents leaked from the school that have been deemed of public interest. These are normally referenced in articles, wherein they have been explained and critiqued. The articles are divided into several categories themselves; 'Critical' are opinion pieces or analyses of school issues, 'Spoof' and 'Semi-spoof' are parody articles and parodies based on true events respectively, and 'News' articles are factual accounts.

If you would like to get in touch with us - either to send a guest article, make an enquiry or something else - please visit the Contact Us page, or find us on Facebook or Twitter.