Saturday, 16 February 2013

Leaked minutes from School Council #2

Item 1: The colour of the East Cricklewood Community Metropolitan Comprehensive School Flag
Minutes: Abdi, year 8, said that the School flag should not be red, as it is not the main school colour. Abdi, year 7, argued that it should stay red, but Abdi said it would be better white. Abdi, year 11, said it should be black, but was called a pirate. Abdi and Abdi argued over the red/white colour of the flag.
Minutes spent on Item: 172 minutes
Actions: None taken; no one looks at nor cares about the flag.

Item 2: What should be the length of the flag pole
Minutes: Abdi, year 8, said the flag pole should be lower than what it is at the moment, otherwise the flag ‘sticks out and is vaguely visible’.
Someone, please kill me.
Minutes spent on Item: 68 minutes
Actions: None taken; no one looks at nor cares about the flag.

Item 3: What colour should the toilet bleach be?
Minutes: Abdi, Year 7, said the bleach should be red to reflect the School colours. Abdi, Year 9, pointed out it was cheaper to buy blue bleach, and Abdina, Year 10, said it might be mistaken for ‘period pee’.
Minutes spent on Item: Too long
Actions: leave it up to the site staff

Item 4: Should we reconstitute the budget spent on benches and table tennis tables into rebuilding the decrepit Main Block into a new, modern, fully-functioning building?
Minutes: What budget?
Minutes spent on Item: 43 seconds
Action: Praise the Head for the many benches we are blessed with, and get on with our lives.

DISCLAIMER: This Hampstead Trash article is a spoof, that uses crude humour to satirise the faults, flaw and misdoings of the school.