Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Doughnut Cartels - A Weak One is 'Weed'ed out

A lone shark selling cookies and doughnuts was arrested today after caught with a stash of the Ganja. The seller was found with the weed after a routine body search by members of the SLT looking for baked goods, who expected any intoxicants to be contained in brownies. These searches were brought in after the recent deal with G4S backfired, as they were unable to fill the full quota (of 2) for patrolling security guards. The real police were called, at which point the encaptured seller attempted to flee the scene, only to realise he was in a gated prison-like compound with the police waiting outside.

Well, when I say prison-like, the only difference is that their uniform is slightly better.
Ambush: After the seller had been arrested.

Disclaimer: All facts and events in this post are hearsay or fictitious. This article reflects nothing on the truth of the situation, or those involved. Its a joke. Don't get gassed.