Friday, 23 August 2013

School GCSE Results Fall

We may not have crystal balls or magical decks of cards here at the Trash, but it was said in SLUDGE's obituary that the lack of Extra Curricular Activities in the past few years and the slowly degenerating management would lead to a worse, less comprehensive education, and we have been proven right. With result day this year falling yesterday, it emerged that the GCSE results were of a lesser standard to last year's. 

In no way are we saying that this fact is the teacher's faults (as I don't think it's possible for teachers across the board to get it wrong all at the same time) or that it is Hampstead's fault for not being immune to government cuts, but we must once again call into question the whereabouts of the school budgets. Perhaps more transparency on how much funding is being put into different areas could make clear any money that could be freed up and put to better use. We're sure that students would prefer motivational teaching over motivational posters that, inevitably, after a short span, fade into the background and are ignored.

It's not just the extra-curricular actives that are losing out with every improvement banner and shiny photograph of a student pretending to work; equipment is in constant need of repairs and replacement. Again, we are almost certain Hampstead would benefit more from new gym equipment, musical instruments or scientific gear than a mug of some hapless year 7 kid that has been blown up and stuck on a massive A1 sheet of card.

No longer can the Head announce in assemblies about how the school has won awards for most improved (or less crap than before, in layman's terms), as the results are no longer improving for him. Like a bumbling virgin trying to impress on their first time, the school has climaxed prematurely, leaving some students feeling incomplete by the end of their short time with the school.

And another thing to think about is the money that will have to be spent re-printing the banners that the School Management has readily invested millions in, no longer saying 'improved for seven years in a row', but 'we couldn't quite make it to seven years in a row'. Where will that come from? At what expense? 

In these days of austerity it is vital that every business, council and school spends their operating budgets wisely. There is a clear need for fresh thinking and for East Cricklewood Community Comprehensive's management team to think again about its approach to our education. 

DISCLAIMER:  This Hampstead Trash article has been written to critique the actions of the governing bodies of the school. This is so student readers can hear both sides of the argument, and formulate their own opinions on matters pertaining to their education.


  1. Nice blog, made me laugh and valuable to your school, I hope they see it eventually and offer an apology! Keep up the good work!

  2. Well done to you all - I hope you provide the impetus for others to follow - about time the Tin Gods of schools' SLT got their come uppence - your head sounds like a real prat - needs a sense of humour transplant