Friday, 23 August 2013

Trash forays further into Social Networking.

Dear our beloved readers,

As you may see on the header and side of the blog, we have a multitude of Social Networking accounts, in addition to the blog. However, the following on said accounts is rather small, and so to remind you of these accounts, we'll post the links to them here:


The reason we want our readers to follow these accounts, is that we feel that more interaction with our readers makes our time spent more worthwhile; that it's less of us as angry students swearing about teachers, and more of us giving worthwhile suggestions towards school management. And we would like your help with this. 

In addition to ours, ex-writer for The Trash, Sludge, has started his own blog, using Tumblr. The blog is not Hampstead related, but those who enjoyed his writing will also enjoy this blog. 

Thanks for reading,
The Hampstead Trash Editorial Team. 

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