Friday, 29 November 2013

A Short Apology for E. Rex Sean

We have been informed that the article, posted on Tuesday, by E. Rex Sean, regarding the Hampstead Anti-Bullying Zone and the attributes of condoms, was overly hard on a good cause. We would like to reiterate that HABZ is a good cause, that is not instigated by the SLT, and has had a lot of work put into it by both students and staff. As per the disclaimer at the base of the article, it is a spoof, and was written with no intention of generating a serious message or critique; it was simply their to make cheap jokes based on previous actions of the school and current events.

It is, of course, always you, the reader, who should be able to formulate your own opinion on subjects discussed on the blog, but now equipped fully with all the information, we support the HABZ ideal, and thus support the cause, as long as their team does not become complacent or stray from the cause.

We have asked E. Rex Sean why he was so hard on the HABZ, to which he replied with the excuse "It wusnt me, bruv!" and we have since issued him with a 20 minute detention and 5 points.

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