Saturday, 16 November 2013

Fall of the Wooden Curtain

After weeks of protest from many various factions and creeds, the Wall dividing East Quad and West Quad has been felled.

The demolition took place on the 15th, after a rousing speech by President of the USA (Unprotected Stationary Association), student Ridwaan Reag'an, ending with the immortal: "Mr. Szejnksdgbjfhdfgkowski, tear down this wall!"
Admiral General Szjknkdfkfkjdskowski, VCDSOMC, Lord of All the Beasts of the Earth and Fishes of the Seas and Conqueror of the Imison Empire in Hampstead in General and Uganda in Particular, then withheld a group of students, using them as bargaining chips to secure a plot of land as his own. However, the sea of crowding students then parted, and Abdi, wearing the new Hampstead Cloak, stepped forward and exclaimed: "Let my pupil go!" (Exodus 3:05).

The Land has since been taken from Admiral General Sznfkgbjhdbgjhbgkowski, making it no longer a private helipad, the land to be given back to the people as the new Republic of Quad. The events of today have set shown that liberation can occur within the bounds of Hampstead; the Quad has set the bench-mark for change.

DISCLAIMER: This article is a spoof, based on real events, written to criticise the actions of the school's management and its governing bodies

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