Tuesday, 21 January 2014

EXCLUSIVE: REAL Leaked Minutes from School Council January 2014 II

Today we delve into this year's first School Council Meeting. Unfortunately, when we received the notes, they were hand-written in short form, but you can still view a transcript of them (links below). in this meeting many vital points raised were addressed, or redressed, or simply written down again. Let us start from the top...

Of course, Halal meat, vending machines and chewing gum were all hot topics, despite being discussed in the previous session. Even though contractual agreements got in the way, and the councillors had been told as much, they still raised the point of vending machines. Chewing gum, as we have already discovered, is still outlawed, and remains as such. When we come to Halal meat, we here at the Trash believe that any student should be given the ability to prescribe to any affectation of their religion, but this should not be specific to only one religion. If you are to serve Halal meat, it seems only correct to also serve a Kosher option, a beef-free option for Hindus and any other religion that makes itself a part of the school.

The House System is still at large, and Professor McGonagal has been busy totting up iBehaves. The idea if a pitch rota was broached, and as it did not work in 2009, I strongly suspect, desire it being somewhat logical, it won't work.

The School Council have said they wish to generate some charity work within the school, to help the poor and the homeless, "giving food and clothes". Christmas was also mentioned, although mentioning it in mid-January is a tad late. Also, according to the Department for Education, 58.4% of the school's pupils are eligible for free school meals, which is graded by the government as 'HIGH'. Surely it makes more sense to address the poverty and possible malnourishment that is plighting the majority of Hampstead students, rather than asking those already in need of free food to give up what they don't have to feed other poor.

Finally we come to the Girls' Only Area, which has cropped up again in this year's minutes. One point, a lone word, struck my attention, as it is what we have been saying repeatedly in many articles since the idea was first discussed. It reads, underneath the head 'Girls Only Area': "Segregation". At least we are having some influence on the decisive powers of Hampstead's students, and the fact that the point was not immediately redacted and the councillor who penned it's desired university informed of his anarchism amazes us. Perhaps more of this on-the-edge thinking is required in School Council meetings to generate some vaguely normal thoughts.

Again, you can see the transcript by clicking here, or through Szemelileaks.

DISCLAIMER: This Hampstead Trash article has been written to critique the actions of the governing bodies of the school. This is so student readers can hear both sides of the argument, and formulate their own opinions on matters pertaining to their education.

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