Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Guest Poetry from P. I. Staker

Another bout of verse from our resident wordsmith, sonneteer and virile lover, P. I. Staker...

Speaking Little Truth

We rule in a totalitarian state
Where brainless barbarians decide our fate
We follow our leader,
silencing any Trash reader.
After all, they can't hear the truth
Their words, absurb! We deem uncouth.

Our hands lay out Szemelikowski's brutality
in his endless war against individuality.

Daily, we march,
bursting into every class,
causing noise, disruption,
a general farce.

We say we hate discrimination,
whilst still approving segregation.

Today, we walk again, on patrol,
we see no resistance on the whole.

His words not ours. However, if you like P I Staker's Stuff, tune in next time for another poem.

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