Saturday, 25 January 2014

CLARIFICATION - Trash statement on ICO Mailmerge findings

Some of you may have picked up a print copy of the Ham & High, in which on page 16 in an article about the ICO not investigating the Mailmerge incident, quotes part of the Hampstead Trash's statement on the subject. However, it does not state it in full in the print copy. It does, however, quote it in its entirety on the Ham & High website. So, in the interests of clarification, here is our statement in its original form, as sent to Ham & High offices via email. 

"The Hampstead Trash feels it unfortunate that the Information Commissioner's Office does not take the data breach seriously enough to pursue any line of inquiry, however, we are thankful that no fine was imposed on the school, as this would have detracted from much needed funds. We have implored the school to apologise to all students and assure them that an incident such as this will never occur again; neither request being fulfilled by the school in either message form or the Ham & High article."

We hope this has cleared anything up over the Trash's thoughts on the Mailmerge incident and the ICO's findings.

The Hampstead Trash Editorial Team

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  1. Thank you for clarification .
    Be cautious of the press , they will print what ever makes their story looks good , regardless of what the person commenting has said.
    It is a shame once again the ' School ' has not passed comment , that alone speaks volumes , but hopefully everyone can move on , building on what is good in the school and learning from their mistakes.