Friday, 7 February 2014

One Year of Hampstead Trash

Yes, that's right readers, on the 9th the Hampstead Trash will be one year old. In the past year we have mocked, reported, satirised, spoofed and, yet still, have somehow turned out to be slightly more mature than the people that run the school. Commemorating the publication of the first article, posted by SLUDGE one year ago, and subsequently all the articles that followed, we are pleased to announce that we will be releasing the Hampstead Trash Yearbook, a free PDF download that you can have by clicking the link here, or you can buy the Kindle eBook here, or Real Copy from Amazon here, in which we have encapsulated one year of reporting.

The Trash has meant many things to different people, and our more frequent readers will be well equipped with the history of the blog. We believe that the best way of dealing with incompetence is through mocking and resolution. Every time in the past year the school or its management have made a balls-up of something, we have been there to showcase to you how bad they actually are at doing their jobs. Then, in many cases, we have offered an apt solution. We have striven to open the lid on incompetence to parents, teachers, students and the wider public. We have, we hope, opened our readers' eyes to a world of inequalities, unpleasantness and dark politics that is hidden behind spangly banners and unconvincing ads. We are sure Hampstead is not the only school that has this problem, and it has been said that this is a problem with many schools up and down the country. That is why we will strive to create a body like the Trash in any place of learning that needs it.

In the past year we have uncovered inconsistencies in the school budget, ranging from -£10,000 to £485,000, that the results the Head seems hellbent on improving at great expense were in fact false claims, bordering on the libellous. We have covered the debacle that saw our former Head Writer's educational career jeopardised by the school for speaking freely on this blog, and that the school lackadaisically left personal details of over 400 students and their respective guardians on a public server for anyone's eyes to see. Make no mistake, we are not happy that any of these events have transpired, yet we feel it is our 'duty of care' to the students and parents of Hampstead to be equipped with all the facts when dealing with the school, and to make sure mistakes to not go unresolved.

Moving forward, in the coming year, we set out to continue our spoofing and general mocking, in addition to unearthing all the dark secrets the school management would have happily buried, and continue to submit Hampstead Students' voices. This is the mantra all Trash correspondents will carry, the overriding beliefs of all Trashtafarians.

Over the coming week we will be publishing a whole cornucopia of anniversary articles, commemorating the Trash, starting next Monday with SLUDGE's ANNIVERSARY RETURN.


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