Monday, 10 February 2014


As his brain-child reaches one year old, Kinnan 'Sludge' Zaloom has agreed to return for one final Trash Article. Here is One Year of The Head's Message...
I have a lot of things planned for this post. One of them isn’t a good introduction. One green tea break and I am nowhere closer. What did PEE (point, evidence, explanation) teach me again? I recall one of my great English teachers (who was also one of the best SLT Members) told me to pee all over my essays. Harsh punishment some might say, but my writing really is that terrible.
With a year old Hampstead Trash and six months since I was banished for my crimes against humanity, I find myself asking what has actually changed? And apart from my arrogance and ego has anything actually been bettered as a result of the media storm surrounding the action Hampstead School took against me? To answer these complex and wild questions we’re going to have to have a mystical journey to travel through the haze of reality and into the depths of perceptions.
Nah not really, it’s just another monotonous rant from me. Learn to learn, d**khead. People don’t change.
See no evil. Hear no evil. Speak no evil. Hampstead should adopt that as their motto. It seems like Hampstead School did what it always does to improve its image. A full-page advert in the paper that practically condemned its public image to faeces and things are supposedly ay-okay! A blanket ban on even discussing The Hampstead Trash and the events that surround it can only lead to a seclusion of those staff, students and carers who don’t agree with the methods used to run the school . A suppression of an opposition which seeks only to better an educational system which everyone knows is not fulfilling its potential. But hey, if no singular careerist power hungry scab can claim the kudos then why even bother listening to anyone with a different two cents?  Even those poor souls who have to drag prospective parents around the hell house seem to have been briefed against answering any questions relating to this blog or my ordeal.
It is only through honest discussion and debates that mistakes can be accounted for, on both sides, and a solution that will make everyone happy can be established. I was, and always will be, ready to admit to my mistakes and faults. It’s a shame that the same can't be done by the school and a man who is at least 30 years my senior. Even worse is that this man is in charge of ensuring a ‘good’ education for over 1200 students. 1200 students’ education is under the responsibility of a man who was willing to shred my future to bits using accusations of madness and violence. By a man who doesn’t understand the difference between a political philosophy and terrorism. By a man who thinks that governments aren’t corrupt. If that is an example of a man, mankind is screwed. It just goes to show that age does not bring about wisdom. Actions do.
For those many who asked why I wanted to start the blog, including those SLT members who discussed my defamatory actions, I explained to them that I wanted a proper students union, like those at universities across the land. I thought things were cool at university. For those, like I did, who think things get better at university, I tell you one thing: It doesn't.
The majority of Students Unions are run by a horde of bureaucratic and careerist orientated union representatives. They’re so frightened of actually standing up for student rights because that will upset university management. Council elections are practically a popularity contest funded by tuition fees and gimmicks. And also if you thought nice people run universities; HAH. Vice Chancellors also come in many forms and shades of arsehole. Don’t even get me started on the NUS, apart from the lovely 10% discount off of purchases made at the Co-operative, they’re good for nowt but supplying even more careerist scabs to go higher in the political world.
Change won’t come from this blog or even from another thousand scandals, it will come from you, the readers, demanding to be heard. It’s all good reading this from the comfort of your homes, sniggering away. But now, you’re as useful as a party popper at a funeral. If moaning got anyone anywhere, I would be the f**king queen by now. One year on and alas, I am still moaning purposelessly where I am today and not even one suspicious tunnel car crash to my name.
The single thing I can agree with that the headmaster on is don’t believe in luck. Don’t wait till life shows you a lucky hand and makes life all dandy for you, society isn’t that nice. Leave luck to heaven and pave your own way across the space-time continuum.


You may have seen these around school recently. As the school decided
not to signpost Kinnan as a Sixth Form leaver, like they did the rest of his
year, we thought it only just that we do so on their behalf.

They weren't happy.


  1. Change is coming....

  2. this is the best blog iv ever seen and i dont even go to hampstead. long live sludge and the hampstead trash