Thursday, 20 March 2014

Development on the School Inspection

Earlier, on Monday, we posted an article regarding the inspections that were taking place and here we are, this time with more leaked information.

Firstly, we can confirm that the inspection was not being undergone by Ofsted, but was from someone else. The Inspectors' aims were to review lessons and give the School constructive criticism about the teaching, the passing on of information and how to manage pupils (because that's what this school needs, more management). Later on Tuesday, a focus group of students were interviewed about their views on the school (how the school willingly allowed students to express their views about the school is still a wonderment to us), what was good (because this is a 'good' school), what needed improving, and also a range of other questions.

As we delve deeper into the facts, the information gets a bit hazy as our sources get more and more unreliable. The general gist, as far as we can glean, is that the students were asked your standard questions of "what do you think? How is it? Are you learning?" As well as discussing the finer points of Hampstead’s teaching system. Sadly we have little information and will share more as we find it.

However the top voted improvement by the student was that the head should listen to ideas more… Make of that what you will.

DISCLAIMER: This Hampstead Trash article has been written to inform readers, portraying a factual argument over a specific subject or to report objectively on an event that has occurred.

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