Monday, 17 March 2014

Hampstead Inspection Looms

It has been announced that an inspection of Hampstead School (formerly East Cricklewood Community Comprehensive) is to take place, running from today (Monday 17th) through to this Wednesday 19th. The Trash has be unable to obtain as to whether the inspection being undergone by Ofsted or another body, however avid Trash reporters caught glimpses of many sweaty suited officials slaving away over laptops in the Conference Room today. Inspections are set to begin as of tomorrow.

This revelation comes quickly after a barrage of emails and requests by SLT to staff over the visibility of student planners, untucked shirts and blazers (as always), all things that Ofsted have recently heavily lambasted local Acland Burghley for. We at the Trash are more than happy to heavily condemn Ofsted for their "nit picking" and the state of fear it has induced. We, unlike Ofsted, believe a school should be judged on the quality of learning, which is for the most part unquestionable at Hampstead, and not the state of uniform (thank you, Gove, for being shallow as a puddle), and we would ask that, despite recent LGBT legal reform, Ofsted remain a little less anal in their views.

DISCLAIMER: This Hampstead Trash article has been written to inform readers, portraying a factual argument over a specific subject or to report objectively on an event that has occurred.

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