Friday, 4 April 2014

All change at East Quad United

A press conference was called at The House(TM) AstroTurf today as East Quad United announced the sacking of coach Ford Tranzitte, and his replacement by the world-renowned Winnie Bagoe.

PUNdits had criticised Tranzitte's bad results and poor miles to the gallon ratio, and had seen a continuation of his reign at EQU as a car crash.

The PUNdits have also praised the new coach's utilisation of space. It has been noted that whilst under pressure in an away game at Front Cage Arena, the home of EQU's arch-rivals West Quad City, Bagoe made a massive change by substituting his sofa for a fold out bed.

EQU fans and players alike have been reeling since the sale of star Theo Cracy to rivals WQC. Their form has subsided and they lie a lowly 2nd in the league (of 2). They hope the addition of such a big star as their coach can bring some stability and drive to a team including the likes of Dean Fender, Keith Peur and Beau Coupdebuts.

Winnie Bagoe himself was an acclaimed player, whom PUNdits attributed him to have an good engine, with lots in the tank, who drove his team across the line on many an occasion.

DISCLAIMER: This Hampstead Trash article is a spoof, that uses crude humour to satirise the faults, flaw and misdoings of the school.

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