Saturday, 12 April 2014

Students Send Implicit Message to School Council

Investigate journalist for the Trash, Moss Kemp (formerly of the Science Dept.), has recently uncovered some damning images for the School Council (see below) as an seemingly normal Suggestion Box was caught on camera filled with rubbish.

Whether or not this is a modern art commentary on the voice of the student we do not know, however, we are elated that students are publicly talking Trash. The Head has already said in a public statement that "This is a Good suggestion", and has beginning spending millions erecting a giant tangerine peel, some fag butts and a star of the hour card in the Quad.

The School Council have also responded to the issue, branding it a 'win' for the council, as they can now claim they are new bins.
Just another, normal, average, School Council bin, but...

Inside, students chat crap.

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