Tuesday, 3 June 2014

A Look Back through the eyes of the School Council

After the School Council assumed, rather recklessly (especially recklessly since they should know by now we publish everything), in their latest minutes that students had a consensus on several matters divulged by the few, normally ill-informed, and penned their 'answers' and 'achievements' in response to them in a natty little table, we thought we would do the same.

We know that our anniversary is long gone, but over the last 15 months of reporting we thought it was good to take time to highlight some changes we have influenced. Now, whereas the School Council boast of bins and cultural repression, we've had a bit more of an effect...

You (possibly) said:
We did:
What can all students do?
You wanted more clarity in the School Council system (someone actually did say this)
  • Through leaking documents, forced the school to publish the School Council Minutes on their board (although they are still slower than us)

Read the Hampstead Trash
 The Girls' Only Area was stupid, sexist and segregationist
  •  Bitched about it over the course of two terms and several articles.
  • Influenced the school into removing it.

Read the Hampstead Trash
 You weren't happy that over four hundred names had been left on a public server after we reported on it (yeah, we have the emails to prove that one)
  •  Get the school to remove the incriminating document (although, in true Hampstead fashion, they even ballsed that up, removing the entire Student Shared Area).

Read the Hampstead Trash
 The Head was an egotistical, vindictive person (that was also said by someone)
  •  Nothing. We did nothing. The Head proved you right when he expelled SLUDGE and wasted police time.
  • We did publish throughout the period of mass-stupidity, and have no problem rubbing it in.

Read the Hampstead Trash
 You wanted a real Student Representative, a student voice and an open forum
  •  We have continued to report for over a year on the goings-on of the school, to keep students, parents and teachers informed.
  • We have had frequent Guest Articles from past and present students.

Read the Hampstead Trash

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