Friday, 6 June 2014

Pledge Allegiance to the Flag

Year Sevens may not, but those of us tall enough to see the Soviet-esque flag fluttering above the Anglush Ingerlish Engloash English Block may have noticed a brief absence, then seeming enlarging of the school's "flag", as pictured here:

For the vexillololololologically inclined, this flag is nothing more than a seal on a plain background. It even disobeys one of the main guidelines that most flags follow: "no text on a flag".

In addition, the white circle with a dark insignia on a red plain has been dead and buried since the 40s, and even given the school's colours, presumably black, white and red, not much can be done to sway the design from those used by far right parties existing within Russia and Germany. However we find it unlikely that the next compulsory uniform addition will be armbands bearing the aforementioned school insignia.

These colours are also used predominantly on the flag of the C.N.T. F.A.I., a popular anarchist faction in the Spanish Civil War.

Of course, criticising the flag is merely nitpicking, but amusing nitpicking at that. In the spirit of this nitpicking, the Trash have designed a variety of flags for the flag-respecting community of Hampstead School (and no, I couldn't type that with a straight face).
Post-Girls'-Only-Area Hampstead School
Abdi, Year 11's Interpretation of the Gadsden Flag

The Soviet Socialist Republic of East Cricklewood
Hampstead School LGBTQWERTY+&*@#

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