Thursday, 14 August 2014

A-Level Results Correspondence

A-Level students of Hampstead School have been hard hit today by Gove's recent meddling with the education system. Whilst the number of A*-A's increased by 0.68% (yeah, wow, we know) from last year, the number of A*-C's dropped by a considerable 5.91%, from 72.57% to 66.66% this year. Even though we congratulate those that succeeded in pushing the level of A*'s and A's up, those who failed to make those C-and-aboves have certainly been affected by the harsh new rules imposed by SeƱor Gove, and the grade boundaries that were said to have been harsher still.

However, we have to call in the question the validity of the school's statistics once again, as they, according to the Ham & High updates throughout the day, managed to match their 100% A*-E's that they supposedly had last year in 2013. However, if they looked back at the documents that they produced, and we reported on, they would have seen that they in fact had 98% A*-E's in 2013, with 2% of students failing, making this year's a rise. They should be elated at this rise of 2%. For the first time ever the Trash is giving them something to boast about, the erroneous idiots.

We are sure that, come September, and the usual boastful assemblies to start the year, the Head will flaunt the increase of A*-A's and brag about the increase to 100% of A*-E's, now that he knows about it,  neglecting the squeezed middle who's grades have been dragged down because of recent changes to the education system.

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