Tuesday, 14 October 2014

School Lerns Dem Good Engrands

Parents who are still on the school's email notification register (thankfully, this time, not on the Shared Server) will have received an email from the school Sunday last, regarding the C11 bus route being interrupted by roadworks (that, thanks to cutbacks in the Joined-Up Thinking department of the Council, have taken place two weeks before a Half Term). It reads as follows:

"Hampstead School reminder: Next week there is disruption on the C11 bus. Make they leave earlier, so they are at school by 0830."

Firstly, did no one bother to read through their work before they sent it? Did they not think it relevant to check for their SPaG? It may be news to whichever half-wit who penned that particular anecdote, but 'Make they leave earlier' doesn't actually make sense. 

It may sound slightly pedantic, but this is a school saying this, not a m8 mssgin u on da fb innit g. These are people that make it their job to educate, including educating in English, as well as being 'role models'. This doesn't include confusing those parents for whom English is not their first language.

Equally, anyone who has ever traveled on the C11 knows that there is always 'disruption on the C11 bus'. Guest Editor P. E. Dant pointed out that there was, for this week exclusively, however, a disruption on the C11 bus route. 

Due to the resurfacing on Westbere Road, as well as the usual impossible disorganisation of TfL, the school rescinded late detentions, for the Monday in the least, as a gesture of good will. Students who take other routes to and from school remain unimpeded by the work, but the lack of the taking up of planner space, meant to be used for jotting down homework requests to be ignored, that is taken up with the words LATE DETENTION 1.20 (in ink redder than the face of a late, nervous Year 7) is gratefully received by all.

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