Monday, 3 November 2014

Dispatches from Behind the Bikeshed

We sent our finest reporters undercover behind the bike-shed, to find more about this murky and foggy territory. After some heavy fumigation by the natives (who knew that illicit drugs could ruin your grammar?), this is what they had to report:

'Sup w********s, we've infiltrated the gang behind the bikeshed, who import Malbikeshed from East Quad.

Albeit, fumes from the Testing for safety have intoxicated us. This is bad because weed us the baddest thing in the world, worse than nuclear bombs and Jimmy Savile combined.

As we report live into this dick-taphone (ha ha dick funny coz penis lol geddit), there is an african man of african origin laughing with his eyes closed. He now has his head on the lap of an asian man who says "Jfk made the moon and thats why he wanted to go there because he wanted to go home. NASA=illuminati." These are not the official views of the trash, but he was pretty convincing.

As we stood here, 2 girls gave birth. this miracle to behold is astounding but judging by the ease of the birth, this is not there first.

We at the trash have also seen people purchase cookies that look more lemon haze than lemon drizzle.

Cookie sellers also sell the cookies with munchies sweets baked because thats what clientele has.
-A. Stoner & A. Blunt

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