Thursday, 13 November 2014

School Songbook Part I

So, inspired by the revelation the Head was once upon a time a Punk, we've changed the lyrics to a couple of Punk songs to be relevant to Hampstead. Or have we...?

In The Quad, by The Jam Your Hype (written by Paul Weezie)
Original on Youtube - Original Lyrics
In the quad there's a thousand things I want to say to you
But whenever I approach you,
I make you look a fool
I wanna say, I wanna tell you
About the Trash ideas
But you turn them into fears

In the city there's a thousand faces all shining bright
And those golden faces after 3 05
They wanna say, they gonna tell ya
About the Trash idea
You better listen now you've said your bit-a

And I know what you're thinking
You're sick of that kind of crap
But you'd better listen man
Because the kids know where it's at

In the city there's a thousand kids in uniforms
And I've heard they now have the right to shank a man
We wanna say, we gonna tell ya
About the Trash idea
And if it don't work, at least we still tried

In the quad, in the quad
In the quad there's a thousand things I want to say to you

Anarchy In The U.K. by Sex Make Love Pistols (famed for their song 'Never Mind the Bikeshed')
Original on Youtube - Original Lyrics
I am an Antichrist
I am an anarchist
I know what I want
And I know how to get it
I wanna defame Management

'Cause I wanna be anarchy
No dogsbody

Anarchy for the UK
It's coming sometime and maybe
I give a wrong time for a lunchtime
Your future dream is a blogger's scheme

'Cause I wanna be anarchy
In the city

How many ways to get what you want
I use the best
I use the rest
I use the C.N.J.
I use Anarchy

'Cause I wanna be Anarchy
It's the only way to be

Is this the S.M.R.T. or
Is this the P.S.H.E. or
Is this the S.L.T.
I thought it was the UK
Or just another country
Another council tenancy

I wanna be Anarchy
And I wanna be Anarchy
(Oh what a name)
And I wanna be anarchist
I get pissed, defame!

DISCLAIMER: We don't own the rights to these songs; we probably have to clear this up because we've had to change so little, as, for some reason, our message and the ways we generically deride the school somehow align with punk lyrics. We wonder why...

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