Thursday, 13 August 2015


With A-Level results day today, many people walked away from the school much like when they walk away from the counter at Chicken Cottage; not everyone getting what they had hoped for. Not least of which was the Head, who saw today A-Level results fall all round for the second year running. 

The number of A*-C this year has been reported to be 60%, a fall from last year's 66.6%, with the number of A*-A's dropping by almost 9% since last year, from 18.82% to only 10%. Most of all, the number of A*-E dropped a percent as well from last year to 97%, meaning 3% of students' A-Levels failed to even be graded.

The drop in this year's results is more dramatic than those which we reported on last year, and this time the Head cannot blame Gove's changes to the system, as the major governmental A-Level changes do not kick in until the next academic year. Whilst this means that some leavers may not be able to go to their choice university or higher education, let us at least hope the GCSE results are not as poor as, after all, "These results are a reflection of the hard work that has gone into ensuring individual students have the best possible life chances as they now embark on the next stage of their lives."

So much for that 5-year-trend.

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