Thursday, 13 August 2015 v2.0

The school have once again pissed away money in the pursuit of looking good. In recent weeks the school have had the website re-designed to appeal to the trendy new internet age, and have again gone to web design company e4education, who, as we have reported on in the past, charge into the thousands for generating and maintaining the website.

Whilst still looking slick and fancy, many of the functions have yet to be changed from the original template, or simply don't work. For instance, the 'Latest News' section looks like this:
Obviously, not a great deal happens at Hampstead school.

Equally, the school has never been particularly tech savvy enough (or that much of an arts and crafts enthusiast) to warrant a Pinterest account, and the last time we checked the minimum age to be on Facebook and Twitter was 13, making them inaccessible for some students, which is very Equal Opportunities. Not to worry, most of the links (including 'Link 1') don't work.

'Follow Us' - Yes, follow your glorious lord and saviour, the messiah himself, Jacques Christ.
Also present in the new website is the old Hampstead tradition of being incapable to spell. Some parts of the new website have evidently been simple cut-and-past, with the Policy page still having an 'Admiisions' page. Slightly more grave than P. E. Dant's mild annoyances were the typos on the Exam Results Days page, which carried the line "Year 12 Enrolment to Year 13 cources [sic] also takes place from 0930 to 1300", as well as the misspelling of the Exams Office contact email, meaning those who are away today and so needed to give a letter of authorisation for a third party to take their results sent their authorization to an email that doesn't exist, and not the school.

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