Thursday, 20 August 2015

GCSE Results - Resetting the Trend

GCSE Results at Hampstead have seen an overall increase today after the significant drop in last year's results. Recovering from governmental reform to the education system, today saw conventional GCSE Results marginally increase, whilst E-Bacc results, one of the government's new initiatives, saw a decline of 2.25%, jumping from 26.63% last year to 24.38% this year.

The number of A*-A's increased on last year from 15.29% (2014) to 17.17%, whilst the number of 5A*-C's (including Ingrish and Maths) went up from 53.27% (2014) to 54.73%. However, these marginal increases of just 1.88% and 1.46% respectively are not enough to return the school to the heady heights of their so-called 5-Year-Trend, which peaked in 2013 with 63% 5A*-C (inc. Ingrish and Maths), suggesting that there is still a great deal of work to be done. That said, if this increase continues, we could be looking at a reset of the trendsetter, Jacques Szlavestothegrindkowski, and his trend-o-meter, and the return of another 5-Year-Trend.

DISCLAIMER: We thought last year's 5A*-C results were 51%, as we reported this time last year, however this year the newspapers are saying, as we have reported, that it is the more accurate figure of 53.27%. If any of the figures are inaccurate, you can blame the Ham&High and the school, but probably more the school as they are incapable of counting.

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