Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Hampstead Sixth Form Loses Footing on Alps

Hampstead 6th Form has been downgraded by the independent evaluator ALPs, despite paying through the nose for the accreditation, according to new figures released by Camden.

As claimed by the 2015-2016 Camden Council Hampstead School-specific 'School fact file' for prospective parents, the school is ranked in the top 5% of UK Sixth Forms according to ALPs, whereas if we cast our minds back to 2014, the Head was quick to boast of the school's ranking in the top 2% of Sixth Forms by ALPs, in assemblies, events, and even advertising features for the school.

The Trash has reported in the past not only that such advertising features have cost the school £1,862 per full-page feature, but that the ALPs system that has now had to downgrade the Sixth Form (we assume due to the decline in grades, although we are uncertain as to how it made the top 2% in the first place) costs the school in the region of £1173.12 per year.

The school has since glazed over all this, as well as the pisspoor A-Level Results in an 'article' on their website this week lauding two of the seeming very few students who did well this year, as well as the 'top 5%' of 6th Forms they are in, perhaps having a bit of selective amnesia. They must be so happy we are here to remind them.

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