Friday, 11 September 2015


The school have, once again, been a little economical with the truth, this time when it came to the 'News' article on the new Hampstead School 'website' (which, as you'd expect, still looks like the rejected Windows 8 interface).

Even though we, and the local news outlet, used these things called facts and figures to identify that the GCSE results had only increased by, at best, 1.88% on last year, and were still far below what they used to be before the education reforms kicked in, the school ran with "Provisional results for 2015 GCSEs indicate that students have made exceptional progress on their 5 year journey through school."

Nice to see they're still going strong with the whole '5 Year' thing. Also funny that, in the article, they praised "23% of all students achieve A* or A in Mathematics", with nothing on the level of Ingrish at the school, apart from the lack of past tense in the above quote, and a mention later in the article of a "highest possible grad".

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