Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Monty Don’s Gardener’s World

Wazzup! The M-Don in da house. I’ve been told recently that my programme on gardening has not been really capturing the younger viewer, so this one’s dedicated to all the youths out there. Represent.

I’ve teamed up with an urban gardening project in North London’s Hampstead School, who have turned a disused Ecology Area into a patch for cultivating the most sacred of herbs. The first plant that we are planting up today is Papaver somniferum, which Alan ‘Titchy’ Marsh is currently putting into the ground.

Also on the menu today is cannabis ruderalis, an exotic plant from Latin America, which I highly recommend for those who want that smoky flavour in their chocolate brownies. Now, the best place to plant these is in a well-lit warm room in the basement of a Council estate, but we’re gonna have to make do with this filing cabinet. Now, these can be harvested around August-September time, just in time for those results day parties.

DISCLAIMER: This is obviously not an article written by the presenter Monty Don, and so is a spoof.

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