Friday, 6 May 2016

Op-Ed #10

For the sake of Editorial Standards, any remarks in the following opinion piece deemed too offensive for publication have been redacted.

DoNaldé Trump writes:

[Racist remark about Mexicans]

[Reiteration of point about rebuilding Wooden Curtain to keep various violent religions out of Hampstead, such as the Buddhists and Jainists]

[Upholds right to kill violent religions with guns]

[Creepy sexual innuendo about female blood relative]

[Creepy non-sexual innuendo about unrelated female]

[Remark about opponents being caught in a compromising act involving a roll of softmints, two hookers and a goat]

[General blame apportioned to all Muslims for all terrorist acts]

[Remark about unwanted pregnancies caused by illegitimate rendezvous behind the bikesheds]

[Wild back-peddling about previous abortion remarks]

[Seemingly racist comments muttered under breath]

DISCLAIMER: All the views said, or rather un-said, in this article are entirely fictitious, as is the character purporting to say them.

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